Baringa and Field Dynamics joint press statement on EDF’s acquisition of Pivot Power

Baringa Partners and Field Dynamics are pleased to have supported EDF in its acquisition of Pivot Power.

EDF commissioned Baringa and Field Dynamics to appraise the electric vehicle (EV) uptake potential and charging demand at each of the portfolio sites, using the market-leading EV demand analysis tool that they have jointly developed.  This combines detailed EV deployment and charging scenarios with highly granular spatial distribution analysis, providing a data-rich picture of the proposed sites, accounting for all types of vehicles and customer segments.

The analysis captures hourly shape of charging as well as the specific locations of local businesses, commercial and public transport fleets, transit demand from highways, and local distribution of homes with and without off-street parking.  This tool was key in assessing the overall commercial opportunity at each particular site under different scenarios.

Oliver Rix from Baringa Partners said:  “This announcement from EDF shows a serious commitment to battery storage and electric vehicle technologies.  We are very happy to have embedded our market-leading EV expertise within Field Dynamics’ advanced spatial platform to provide the site-level information that EDF needed to reach its decision.”

Charlie Gilbert from Field Dynamics said: “This announcement is great for EV adoption and the drive towards Net Zero, and we are delighted to deliver yet another EV project with our partner Baringa. Our Accelerated Insight Platform workflows and algorithms dovetailed seamlessly with Baringa’s sophisticated energy modelling capability”

For more information, please contact:

Samantha Cliff
Head of Marketing
0121 232 8050

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