• CatchmentModdeller

Combine your local knowledge with our location-based modelling tool to supercharge your electric vehicle infrastructure planning.

As we race closer to 2030, the pressure grows on local authorities to provide an effective electric vehicle (EV) public charging infrastructure with squeezed resources. It’s hard to get a holistic view of the charging demand in your area and even harder to understand how EV chargers could fulfil that demand.

You need a tool that helps you understand where the demand for public charging will be, lets you experiment with the best EV charger locations to meet that demand, and gives you robust evidence for EV infrastructure funding such as LEVI.

CatchmentModeller is that easy-to-use online tool that lets you visualise the households that can be brought within a short walking distance of a new EV charger.

How does CatchmentModeller work?

Model EV charging infrastructure scenarios with our optimised locator tool. You don’t need technical expertise – it’s simple.

Step 1: See all the on-street households in your area.

We’ve measured every single household in Great Britain (down to the nearest cm²) to figure out if you could park to charge a car on the property. If you can’t, you may be dependent on the public EV charging network. We’ve put all these ‘on-street’ households in CatchmentModeller.

Step 2: Add EV charger locations.

Click your desired location on the CatchmentModeller map to place an EV charger. Immediately get a 360 Google Streetview of the location. Experiment by dragging those chargers to the optimal location to create your ideal infrastructure scenario.

Step 3: Save scenarios for different use cases.

An isochrone is drawn to see how many on-street households you’ve brought into a 3-minute walk from the chargers you’ve placed on the map. You can run and save multiple scenarios for different use cases.

Why should you use CatchmentModeller?

Over 80 councils across England, Wales and Scotland have already used CatchmentModeller to help plan their electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Scenario Planning

You can create multiple scenarios of charger placement to make sure you have the best public coverage possible.

Evidence for Funding

Use the granular evidence from CatchmentModeller to secure government funding and commercial investment. You can share visuals and technical breakdowns in a schema designed to support LEVI applications.

Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate with your internal stakeholders (Parking, GIS, Clean Air, Highways) and external partners (CPOs and DNOs) with an easy-to-use online platform.

How much is CatchmentModeller?

For £4,000, you’ll get:

  • CatchmentModeller prepared for your council area.
  • 3 months access to the system.
  • Unlimited scenario creation and downloads.
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