• Scale of Challenge Modelling

The changing dynamics of energy generation, distribution and consumption required to deliver on our net zero commitments will the largest changes our energy infrastructure in centuries.

As the future is uncertain, with many unknowns, being able to play out different scenarios, at scale, is a requirement for many organisations to understand the potential impact of these changes so they can plan effectively and have the flexibility needed. Reinforcement of network infrastructure is key to ensuring customers can access the service of the future reliably and cost effectively and with new products and services coming to market, retailers need to understand where to focus and target to acquire customers efficiently.

Field Dynamics Accelerated Insight Platform (AIP) has supported clients on a number of scale of challenge scenarios. Our detailed, hyper granular household level analysis and interactive platform workflows enable our clients to run detailed, national scenarios, visualise results and feed key systems and processes. A range of scalable components can be a linked together to process and load disparate datasets.

Our Work…

 EV Up

EV Up has helped SP Energy Networks understand the impact of the growth of electric vehicles in residential areas across their distribution network area so the impact on the Low Voltage Network can be assessed. Users can flex a range of inputs including the future volume of EV’s, and other parameters including the impact of the second hand car market and improvements to battery technology to reflect scenarios out into the future.

EV Up was shortlisted for Data Project of the Year at the UK Network Awards


Your fleet will require the supporting infrastructure to enable your workforce to charge their vehicles, at home, at work or on the move.

From assessing whether your home-based workforce is likely to need on-street or off-street charging, to considering the available network headroom and connection costs for charging infrastructure for a depot based business, our models help to segment your fleet into some key groups and then calculate their requirements so that transition funding can be costed in detail via a data-driven approach.

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