The Active Wellbeing Society have been supported by Field Dynamics to help Birmingham communities with Coronavirus Emergency Relief #BrumTogether

#BrumTogether represents a network of grassroots organisation who are doing all they can to provide valuable support for vulnerable communities affected by the COVID19 pandemic. This includes the coordination of food parcel deliveries to communities in need around Birmingham and a befriending service.

The operation, which includes circa 70 organisations, who have come together in a short space of time, as well as growing rapidly to meet the needs of the community. With this comes growing complexity and a need for insight to help The Active Wellbeing Society with coordination and planning.

Field Dynamics donated their time and resources and made sense of their data so they could quickly process data, analyse patterns and trends to see where help was needed, and help with the vital food supply chain to meet the demand.

“The whole #brumtogether effort is a testament to the way the community have come together to help those in need in any way they can. This includes Field Dynamics, Birmingham based technology experts, stepping in and providing valuable insight to support our food operation.”

Steve Rose, Deputy Chief Exec at The Active Wellbeing Society

If you’d like to support the Active Wellbeing Society, you can read about their activities here.