• DNO Solutions

Modelling the impact of EV adoption on network infrastructure.

EV adoption will impact the Low Voltage network and continuity of service provision for customers is a key priority. Using sophisticated analysis and modelling, we can show you where an increase in demand so you can make investment and prioritisation decisions about network reinforcement.

Hyper granular-analysis and datasets

A range of household products derived from detailed mapping datasets to supporting modelling and forecasting projects. From assessing which properties could support off-street charging to assessing the ability to transition to low carbon technologies, our advanced geospatial processing capability can provide detailed inputs into models at scale.

Scale of Challenge Modelling

We have worked alongside SP Energy to create EV Up!, a model that will help operators to more accurately determine where EV demand is likely to grow, and aid them in strategic investment planning across their network. (Nominated for Best Data Project at the Network Awards 2020)


Our DNO Solutions…

  • Provide a view of possible EV adoption scenarios on a house by house basis
  • Allow operators to stress test their network
  • Aid investment planning/decisions
  • Improve overall understanding of the adoption of low carbon technology, including the decarbonisation of heat.

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