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    Determining the optimal amount of charging infrastructure is a critical aspect of your operations, and it requires precise data-driven answers, rather than subjective opinions.

GigaMap offers an exact granular measurement of electric vehicle (EV) power demand at the micro-local level. This enables you to pinpoint the areas where additional infrastructure is needed, what assets could meet EV power demand, and where opportunities for expansion still exist.

No generalised, broad overview; we analyse every van, car, make, model, and locality. This allows you to precisely identify EV charging demand hotspots with actual kWh figures.

What’s GigaMap?

We have measured the annual mileages of every car and van with a valid MOT over recent years (140 million records). This allows us to pair each vehicle with an equivalent EV to work out real world energy demand. We then work out where those vehicles are based and how many households in that area have access to off-street charging or will need public chargers. This gives us the most accurate view of what EV charging demand is required today and into the future.

GigaMap gives you…

Detailed statistics

We do not settle for averages. GigaMap delivers an exact measure of electrical demand for every group of households (down to each LSOA).

Model-ready data

By matching to the ONS’ LSOA groupings this dataset can be combined to enrich your existing scenarios and modelling.

On-street intelligence

We determine how much of this demand can be met residentially off-street, and how much by the public network.

Specialist support

If you are unable to process it internally, we have a team that knows the data inside out and can help you get the insight you need.




CURRENCY: 2020 – 2021 MOT data

INCLUSIONS: LSOA Code, Number of Households, and % on-street ratio kWh of demand

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