Cenex and Field Dynamics partner to serve local authorities with household data and tools

Cenex, the not-for-profit research and technology consultancy, and Field Dynamics, the net zero analytics consultancy, have partnered to provide local authorities (LAs) with detailed geospatial data for the planning and deployment of electric vehicle infrastructure (EVI).

With almost all UK local authorities preparing intensely to coordinate EVI deployments, data on the location of residences without access to off-street parking and what their charging demand could be is becoming increasingly important.  Many LAs are currently using proxy data sources to prioritise their efforts.  Now, every LA with NEVIS access can view summaries of Field Dynamics’ data.

All these LAs can now:

  • See the on-street households unable to park and charge an EV by upgrading their NEVIS service to include Field Dynamics’ EVMap.
  • Identify the charging assets needed to meet local EV charging demand by upgrading their NEVIS service to include Field Dynamics’ GigaMap.
  • See where fleet vehicles would charge overnight by upgrading their NEVIS service to include Field Dynamics’ FleetMap
  • Licence Field Dynamics’ popular CatchmentModeller service. A drag and drop online tool that lets LAs model the best EV charger locations to meet demand.

Cenex’s NEVIS service is now available for every LA in Great Britain and most Northern Irish LAs.  Field Dynamics has helped over 100 LAs make data-backed site selection decisions.

Chris Rimmer, Head of Policy, Strategy and Implementation said: “By enhancing the NEVIS service with Field Dynamics’ data and tools, we can provide local authorities with the tools they need to get the right number of chargepoints of the right power in the right places.”

Craig Stephenson, Managing Director of Field Dynamics added: “Through our integration with Cenex’s NEVIS service, we are excited to extend our robust, data-backed insights to even more local authorities. Having already helped over 100 local authorities, we understand the need for precise, actionable data in planning and deploying EV infrastructure. This partnership ensures that more councils have easy access to the essential tools needed for effective decision-making backed by a solid foundation of evidence.”

All organisations registered for NEVIS can view and download the information about on- and off-street parking directly from within the service to supplement the existing information on current status by LA, future projections, potential benefits of electrification, outline business case inputs, and geospatial mapping.