Field Dynamics become members of The Association For Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA)

Field Dynamics, one of the UK’s leading net zero data consultancies, is thrilled to announce its Association For Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) membership.

This collaboration signifies Field Dynamics’ commitment to developing data-led insights that help organisations across the country effectively transition to net-zero.

Charlie Gilbert, Partner at Field Dynamics, expressed enthusiasm about joining the REA. He said:

“It’s great to join the REA and be a part of their ecosystem as a member. Collaboration is more important than ever before, so to be in a community of like-minded organisations focused on solving the transition to network and scale for net-zero is right where we want to be.”

The membership comes after Field Dynamics’ significant contribution to the REA’s report titled ‘Charging Forward to 2030’. Matthew Adams, Transport Policy Manager at REA, said:

“After working with Field Dynamics on our report ‘Charging Forward to 2030’ earlier this year, I am delighted that they have chosen to join the REA and the industry’s leading electric vehicle charging forum RECHARGE UK.”

Field Dynamics played a pivotal role in the ‘Charging Forward to 2030’ report, providing unique GWh-based analysis of electric vehicle charging demand. The firm analysed over 60 million MOT records for 2020 and 2021, incorporating body types from DfT licensing data (VEH0120) and NCAP41 to classify each vehicle. This comprehensive approach gave a prediction of how much power electric vehicles would use in 2030. The report, which explores strategies to accelerate the rollout of net-zero infrastructure while addressing policy, regulatory, and geographical barriers, can be accessed at

Matthew Adams looks forward to continuing the collaboration, stating:

“Field Dynamics provides excellent insight and impactful analysis with a wealth of expertise across multiple subject areas in the renewable energy and transport sectors. I am particularly looking forward to working with them on the HGV and Commercial Fleet working group where they have already been positively contributing through their involvement in our open meeting in September.”

Field Dynamics is equally excited about the partnership, anticipating that their collaboration with the REA will lead to innovative solutions and advancements in the net-zero landscape.

The logos for REA, Recharge UK and Field Dynamics