• Local Authority Electric Vehicle Solutions

We have analysed all 27 million households in Great Britain to understand whether they can or cannot park and charge an electric vehicle off street at home.

For those who can’t, we have then compared this to their nearest public charger to assess whether residents could realistically access them.

We have a percentage of service cover for all authority areas.

What is your coverage and how do you compare?

Answering the important questions…

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How good is your existing network coverage?

Get an evidence-based view of  how many homes in your authority can’t charge an electric vehicle at overnight, where your public chargers are, and how far away they are from households that need them.

With this you can evidence your budget and actions and prioritise your charger roll-out.

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Where’s the best place for new infrastructure?

Our cloud service identifies the best place for new infrastructure based on criteria that you define. It can be run as many times as you like to create a configuration that works for your policy and your residents.

Crucially, this creates a robust business case for grants and investments.

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How would new chargers improve my coverage?

Validate the locations of new proposed chargers by simply clicking on a map.  Our system then automatically calculate the coverage provided by the new charger and the impact on the overall area coverage.

With this, you can validate proposals with proven analytics.

Designed with Local Authorities in mind…

We have been supporting local authorities for over 25 years and have over 200 authorities under contract.  This experience has led us to understand the huge pressures that you are under from the lack of budgets to the many conflicting stakeholders.

Our experience drives us to build systems around your needs, not the need to sell a new product.

Our new EV Charging suite is here to help you make the best decisions for all your residents and to help you describe and defend these decisions across your range of stakeholders.

If you’d like to learn more about our EV Solutions and how they can help your organisation, contact the team today.