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Supporting investment decisions with data, not opinions.


The move to electric vehicles requires huge investments in vehicles, real-estate and infrastructure, and the challenge is that these investments need to be made in new, fast moving and unpredictable markets.  There are many, many opinions on what to do when but only clear, robust data analytics will actually define what makes a success.  This is what we deliver.

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Data at the heart of everything we do.  

There is a huge array of data  available to make sure you make the right decisions and investments, but which data should you use and how do you  combine it?

As a specialist data analytics house, we understand your data and how it is best combined.  Our sophisticated Cloud platform, the Accelerated Insight Platform, combines advanced AI, Machine Learning and Big Data capabilities so that we can process your data at a fraction of the time and cost.

Crucially, our approach is to provide all this data and capability to you in a transparent way, so you understand the answer and what it means.  No daisy-chaining of opinions or obscure models, our 1-step-away-from-a-fact approach means that you know our analysis works.

Everything is somewhere and we know where that is.

Your EV and infrastructure investments all come down to questions about location: How far do you need a vehicle to travel? Where will more drivers choose to re-charge?  How many chargers will load which part of a power network? – These questions revolve around spatial data, a data source that is notoriously difficult to manage.

We’ve been delivering answers to spatial data questions to corporate customers for 25 years and our expertise is acknowledged across the UK.  This history means that we both understand the challenges of corporate data and that power of combining that data with advanced spatial analysis.

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Insight based on real-life, not theory.

You need to understand how your employees and mainstream customers will adopt and react to EVs – not just the early adopters.  The differences between these groups is huge and understanding them is key.

We have owned EVs for years, experiencing their challenges as well as their advantages first hand.  We’ve blown fuses, ran-out of range and been forced to rely on broken chargers – so we can appreciate what your customers and employees will be going through.  We recognise how they will react and we have included this in our modelling so you get the real-life view rather than just the ideal.

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